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Whos on first? Verbal and visual gems from the films of Abbott Costello. Free Read Whos on first? [ author ] Richard J. Anobile [ Kindle ePUB or eBook ] –

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  1. Parts of my childhood was spent watching Abbott and Costello movies My favorite set was the Who s on First routine I don t like baseball, but I enjoy the comedy, so it was good that this book included the lines of this classic gem This book includes other routines from this memorable comedy team.

  2. I found this book as a kid from my local library I had seen some Abbott and Costello films late at night Being able to read the jokes, and really understand them, helped me understand their humor better.

  3. Loads of pictures but in the front there is a small section when the author does interview Bud Abbott shortly before Bud fell breaking his hip That small section was very moving Liked it generally