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Black Silk Black Silk is filled with lush, sexy stories featuring heroines who are overwhelmingly in control of their love lives and unabashed about their libidinous appetites The stories are written by the best Black American erotic authors. New Read eBook Black Silk by Retha Powers – wholesalesweetshop.co.uk

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  1. It says African American Erotica but the stories were different One was about closure Different styles of short stories

  2. my personal faves were good bye, kiwi, one night stand, pisces, and the princess and the cop FROM JACKET A powerful collection of erotica from today s leading black writers and fresh voices, BLACK SILK explores exciting territory in the realm of the African American experience From Eric Jerome Dickey s rueful tale of lust to Lolita Files s ...

  3. Typical collection of short stories Mostly good, a few duds and a few in between Most of those that were good were REALLY good Also covered many topics such as same sex relationships, BDSM, etc Worth the time to read.