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Zen Comics Comics communicate the Zen spirit perfectly Laughter deflates pretension and a good rap on the head sometimes transcends so called logic In the words of Zen, Nothing is left for you but to laugh Best Read Zen Comics [ by ] Ioanna Salajan [ Kindle ePUB or eBook ] –

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  1. Ioanna Salajan drew a comic strip for members of her local Buddhist community in Amsterdam in the early 70 s the strips quickly became an underground sensation in Holland and England She eventually published two volumes of the comics, in 1974 and 1982 This book is Volume 1.All hand drawn and lettered in black ink, they depict famous koans and scenes from the Zen tradition, usi...

  2. Most of this I don t understand at all That s okay.

  3. After reading Travel Letter, where Sangharakshita stops into used book stores all the time I got the hankering to peruse used book stores I was in Kent, and their library has a sale every weekend I found this little jem for a dollar While I don t always agree with the way people portray Zen, I find a comic about a Buddist talk lovely because I hope my son will pick it up He thinks I m...

  4. I know almost nothing about zen, but I still managed some chuckles from this book There is a bit of a who s on first dynamic between the student and old master My favorite comic was about making tea, and I could actually see that dialogue exchange happening in real life There were definitely comics centered around famous koans one of the last pages features a comic about the mu koan This book was also a quick read I read half of it while I was waiting for someone to get ready to leave the I know almost nothing about zen, but I still managed some chuckles from this book There is a bit of a who s on ...

  5. funnily enlightening or enlighteningly funny

  6. Brilliant and darn near life changing A good friend gave me my copy long ago and I consider it a cherished object Zen as simple and irreverent as it ought to be.

  7. Combining two great innovations of this world comics and Zen Buddhism can t lose

  8. This is such a nifty little book The drawing is crude, but that somehow seems apt for the subject matter zen stories and koans.

  9. A quick and joyful read over breakfast Zen seems super troll y I don t think I ll be a zen master because I enjoy living in the world too much, but I did enjoy this book.