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Towards Cosmopolis From Polis to Metropolis, men and women have continued to struggle to perfect our cities Urban history presents a picture of grand ideals and devastating failures Towards Cosmopolis explores why we have failed, and how we could succeed, in building an urban Utopia with a difference Globalization, civil society, feminism and post colonialism are the forces, ever shifting and changing our cities We need a new vision to face such change Sandercock pulls down the pillars of modernist city planning and raises in their place a new post modern planning, a planning sensitive to community, environment and cultural diversity Towards Cosmopolis is illustrated with case material from around the world which present a thousand tiny empowerments of current planning practice and with a superb range of specially commissioned images This bold critique cuts to the heart of current debates about the future of our cities It deserves a place on every citizen s shelf. Best Read [ Towards Cosmopolis ] author [ Leonie Sandercock ] For Kindle ePUB or eBook –

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